Setting up a terrace is a great way to expand the area of your home, guest house, restaurant or other building; thus, gaining a place of a pleasant relaxation in the warm months of the year. The terraces are custom-made, they are adjusted to the particular object and client’s desires, so when it comes to technical solutions and design we let our clients be creative. 

Contact us and we will bring your ideas to life and suggest the best solution for each situation! 

We agree upon the delivery of the products with each client individually.

In agreement with the client, we provide:

  • delivery to the client’s desired location by our transport;
  • free delivery up to 100 km from Jelgava;
  • delivery and installation;
  • a possibility to receive the ready order at our place. 

Each client can choose the most convenient form of receiving the products. 


Prior to installation we visit our client to see the place where the sauna, tub, bower, garden house, terrace or children's playground is planned to be installed, agree upon the installation process and choose the best solution for the particular location.