Order and delivery

How to order a sauna 

There are 4 ways to order a sauna: 

  • Face-to-face – visit one of our marketplaces and have a look at our ready-made saunas, which are available to buyers, or visit the production site and become familiar with the entire manufacturing process.
  • Choose a sauna from the catalogue available in our website. 
  • Fill in the individual order form if you want to order a non-standard sauna. 

The ready-made saunas are normally installed within 3 working days. It takes longer to handle a non-standard order and completion time depends on the complexity of the order and its components. 


We agree upon the delivery of the products with each client individually.

In agreement with the client, we provide:

  • delivery to the client’s desired location by our transport;
  • free delivery up to 100 km from Jelgava;
  • delivery and installation;
  • a possibility to receive the ready order at our place. 

Each client can choose the most convenient form of receiving the products.