Round barrel sauna

Round barrel saunas can be transported easily, they are quick to install, easy to use and maintain, as well as compact and available in different sizes and components. The biggest advantages of the round barrel saunas are that they can be set up quickly and transported easily. The saunas occupy little space which make them perfectly suited for small areas. 

We offer classic barrel saunas; sizes starting from 2m. Now we can manufacture up to 7m long barrel saunas. Our saunas are made from spruce wood, we also use bitumen shingle roof covering, stainless steel hoops, both ordinary and stainless steel sauna furnaces, in-situ concrete and other materials. 

Saunas can be equipped with:

  • a panoramic window; 
  • extra shelves;
  • various pieces of furniture;
  • porches;
  • terraces;
  • a shower;
  • other additional equipment (according to your desires)

The preferences of our client are of the utmost importance to us, so each and every sauna is manufactured in accordance with the client’s individual technical and design requirements.

Components are chosen according to the client’s demands, and we agree upon the colour, length, material, additional equipment, placement of the additional equipment and other details of the end-product. 

We agree upon the delivery of the products with each client individually.

In agreement with the client, we provide:

  • delivery to the client’s desired location by our transport;
  • free delivery up to 100 km from Jelgava;
  • delivery and installation;
  • a possibility to receive the ready order at our place. 

Each client can choose the most convenient form of receiving the products. 


Prior to installation we visit our client to see the place where the sauna, tub, bower, garden house, terrace or children's playground is planned to be installed, agree upon the installation process and choose the best solution for the particular location. 

darba-process-DSC_5149 darba-process-DSC_5146