RT-Timber (Ekopirts) is proud to be the only company in Latvia that manufactures Barrel Saunas. People may visit the production site and become familiar with the manufacturing process. Individual approach to each client. The prices of our services are rather competitive and correspond to quality and terms. At our place one can buy Barrel Saunas that match different taste and level of income. We give 5 year guarantee to our manufactured saunas, technical maintenance included. The company offers delivery to all regions of Latvia and not only - delivery is possible also to England, Spain and Australia.


Foundation of the company

Our company started its activities in 2006. At that time we were a small sawmill with one saw and plane. Over time we have opened a small carpenter’s shop, where we started to manufacture garden furniture, children's playgrounds and other high quality wooden products.


First product manufactured by us

In 2008 we had an idea to manufacture our first Barrel Sauna. For four years now we have been working hard with Barrel Saunas, and we take part in different events, for example, Pavasaris 2016, Helsus Festival 2016, Latviskie Pirts un Medus svētki.



In 2010 we started to develop cooperation with Latvian Sauna school and Latvian Sauna Association. Their organized events are a great opportunity to try our saunas. 


The first export

In 2015 the first Barrel sauna was exported to Spain. Now saunas manufactured in Latvia will be seen not only in Latvia, but also in England and Australia.



In 2016 we were nominated for the award “Producer of the Year 2016” in Jelgava. The most important in our work is attitude towards the client and quality. Individual approach to each client. Our company offers Barrel Saunas that match different taste and level of income.